Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Craig is doing so good in school! He likes it a lot and is getting really good grades. He has kept the highest GPA in his class. :) only 6 weeks left until graduation and then the BIG job hunt! :/


I love the FALL!!!!!!!

Picking our pumpkins!

people here love the spiders! they are EVERYWHERE! they have webs all over the place. only like a foot apart!

This is the Wreath (is that how you spell it?) that my mom and I made together 2 years ago and I brought it our of storage finally. I love it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Astoria Oregon

Astoria Oregon
We have been in Astoria now for almost 4 weeks. It is so beautiful and the weather has actually been nice most the time. but when it rains its cold and it comes down sideways and hard. Not so nice. Craig goes to school just 4 days out of the week so it has been so nice to have long weekends together. We have been to long beach twice, Canyon beach once and Seaside about three times I think. It's fun to be so close to the beach.
so because we move around so much we just try to find the good in it....and we do things like research the towns we are in, find out its history, Astoria is one of the more interesting places we have lived...that's for sure. we make ourselves at home in our home ward. Jump right into the activities and getting to know the people! Their is only one ward in Astoria because is so small. So everyone is so close and friendly! its nice to have that support. Our new place is so tiny...but we made it feel like home. I have everything ready for our baby boy to arrive and anxiously awaiting for his arrival. My body is SO ready for him to get out!!!!!