Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kalebs 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday Kaleb!
haha...I think this is also going to be apart of his Halloween costume.

Dinosar Eggs on the cake :)

We have the cutest park near us. There is a play ground, water park, fish ponds, rose gardens, outside roller skating rink, tennis, baseball, soccer, and basketball....its so nice. We go all the time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monster Mash

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


These were secret hidden falls Craig grew up by in Elk Washington.

We spent the Forth of July in Utah with Aubrey and Bobby's family.

Makinzie and Chads wedding


He was so proud of his eggs...

I made the cookies and frosting from scratch, they were the bomb! look at Kaleb licking his lips! :)
I needed a vication so I packed the kids up and drove 15 hours to surprise my family in Utah...only my dad was in on the sectret

The last week visiting, Ramsey got sick and was hospitalized for a week with Bronchitis and RSV. So Craig flew down to be with us and help me drive home.

Hanging out with the boys...trying to pass the time till Craig would come back into town for the weekend. This went on for almost 7 months....not fun!

Ramsey's Blessing

My 24th Birthday

My first time Ice fishing.... So fun!

December 2009
Criag graduated from Volta training Acadamy

Our first Christmas on our own. We loved being with our little growing family.

This blanket I made for Ram